THE 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge
To Win

I'm so excited about bringing this 12 Week Challenge to you.
This program will truly change the way you look, eat and think about your food.  I can't believe how it's changed my life and help me get into the shape of my life!  This program has worked for people needing to lose over 100kgs to high performance athletes and world champion bodybuilders. 
So it can work for YOU!

Not only that, you've got the chance to WIN $5,000 for your very own 12 week Body Transformation.  Register now because spots are limited to 10 people only.
Robb Evans, Owner
Studioz Personal Training

The Metabolic Precision 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge

  • First-ever truly holistic group coaching available
  • Structured program delivered in a practical, educational and fun
    learning environment
  • Straightforward approach, easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle
  •  Science-based, research-proven!

What is Metabolic Precision?

Metabolic Precision is a complete guide to achieving better health, performance
and the body you have always wanted.  Here is a sample of what you will learn over
the 12 week course:

  • A simple approach to exercise that gets results in less than 3% of the week
  • No nonsense nutrition that improves health, fitness and body shape
  • Without counting calories or following a diet!
  • Red wine, chocolate and coffee should be a part of a healthy plan!
  • Over 110 delicious 10-minute, or less, meals that improve health and speed fat loss
  • How to develop a plan to suit your individual needs in every way
  • The knowledge, tools and life-skills, solutions for any situation
  • A fun, unique experience that achieves life-changing, permanent results

There are no gimmicks, crazy diets or ridiculous schedules.  Quite simply, Metabolic Precision is the end product of over 20 years of research, experience and formal education, developed by a genuine expert in the industry.

Whether the aim is to shed a few kilos and feel better or achieve peak athletic performance, the Metabolic Precision program can be tailored to suit - it delivers outstanding results every time.

The 12 Week Challenge Includes:
  • 9 Expert Delivered Nutrition Group Consultations over 12 weeks
  • Up to 4 Private Consultations & Body Composition Assessments
  • 90 days of online Coaching & Accountability
  • The Metabolic Precision Manual, CD and DVD
  • The Cookbible - 110 delicious recipes that speed up results
  • 12 months access to Metabolic Precision website - a complete resource
  • The chance to win $5,000 for the ultimate MP Body Transformation

     Option 1 - 12 Week Group Coaching - $449:

(Note: If you want to maximise your results, you can add a choice of either 2 or 3 days per week of
Boot Camp for Women, prices start from $30 per week per session, payment plans are available)

    Option 2 - 12 Week Private Coaching - $799:

  • Includes 9 private (rather than group) nutrition consultations
  • Plus: 4 x 60 minute Personal Training sessions

(Note: If you want to maximise your results, you can add a choice of either 2 or 3 days per week of
Boot Camp for Women, prices start from $30 per week, payment plans are available)



I am super excited about bringing this program to you.  It is completely about the journey,
not the destination.  Once you get there you will be so amazed at how you've completely transformed yourself.  PLUS, don't forget that $5,000 incentive that you could win!!!!

If you have any questions about this amazing 12 week challenge, please don't hesitate to contact me directly via email or by phone 0421 287 1070421 287 107.

I look forward to transforming YOU!!
Robb Evans